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fix pc problemsTHE PROBLEM

Your PC is not just as efficient as when you first bought it.

  • You turn on your PC and it takes forever to start up.
  • You can get a cup of coffee – and almost finish it – before an application finally launches or before a document finally opens.
  • SURFING the Internet is more like CRAWLING the Internet.
  • You’re getting strange error messages from your PC (e.g., runtime errors, DLL errors, ActiveX errors, Outlook errors, etc.)
  • Every now and then, your PC locks, freezes, and you get the dreaded blue screen.
  • You’re working on a document and all of a sudden, your PC reboots on its own.
  • You can’t play video or audio anymore.

These are just a few of the problems most people encounter with their PCs after time. So what is the ROOT CAUSE of all these PC problems and errors?

FACT #1: Everything you do with your PC gets recorded on your Windows registry. In fact, the Windows Registry holds thousands of configuration settings. Some of these settings pertain to the Windows operating system itself, others are for the multitude of applications you have installed on your PC.

As you use your PC, data on the Windows registry is changed, modified, rendered out of date, made corrupt, and others. As a result, the registry gets weighed down with useless or invalid entries left by incomplete or failed uninstall routines, software errors, and incorrectly applied tweaks. Even the simple task of moving files and documents from one location to the other causes problems because the Windows registry still has entries pointing to the old location.

FACT #2: Over time, these erroneous Windows registry entries will heavily burden your computer system, making it unstable and slow. This instability will then cause unwanted PC problems such as blue screen errors, hanging, rebooting, freezing episodes, and others (because your Windows registry is no longer functioning efficiently).

FACT #3: If the Windows registry is left further unchecked, your PC will become prone to viruses, computer hacks and complete system shut downs.

CONCLUSION: To solve PC problems and errors, the Windows registry must be maintained at all times.

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fix slow pc
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speed up my pcTHE SOLUTION

Safely clean your Windows registry and fix PC errors with Registry Easy™.

It’s easy for PCs to keep track of what you do with it but the opposite is not true. Even experienced users (techie people) find it almost impossible to tune the Windows registry and get rid of problems without any software help. In fact, it's a given that PC technicians use registry cleaners to maintain the Windows registry.

Registry Easy has been developed to specifically scan and repair the Windows registry. And by so doing, it completely solves problems causing your PC to slow down and deteriorate.

Registry Easy repairs all invalid references that trigger system instability, PC errors, system crashes, general system slowdowns and other PC problems, including but not limited to:

  • Slow PC Performance
  • Restores Registry: Paths, Broken DLLs, OCX, and ActiveX Components
  • Eliminates Windows Startup Errors
  • Corrupt File Errors
  • Prevents PCs from Freezing or Crashing
  • Checks and Fixes Error Codes and Damaged Files Needed by Windows Applications
  • Fixes Windows Installer Issues
  • Repairs DLL File Errors
  • Analyzes and Gets Rid of Runtime Errors
  • Stabilizes Scripting Errors
  • Tunes & Repairs Your PC with Diagnostics
  • Windows Explorer Errors
  • Isass.exe, svchost.exe & other exe Errors
  • Windows Operating System Problems
  • Chkdsk Issues
  • Javascript Errors
  • Dr Watson Errors
  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Blue Screen Errors
  • XP, 2000, 98 and ME Issues
  • Scan Disk
  • Driver Errors
  • Task Manager Related Errors
  • Computer & Application Shutdown
It only takes 3 SIMPLE STEPS to repair PC errors at their source.
Step 1
free registry scan

Step 2
Click Scan Now to allow Registry Easy™ to examine your PC's Windows registry and detect the cause of your PC problems.
Step 3
  free registry scan

Total Scan Minutes: 1.27 seconds
Total Errors Found: 1,383!

speed up slow pc
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Why Wait till Your PC Completely Shuts Down On You?

Run Registry Easy™ and Experience these Key Benefits…
  • SMOOTHLY RUNNING, STABLE PC that's free from speed problems, Windows errors, hangs, crashes, freeze occurrences and dreaded 'blue screen' episodes.
  • FASTER PC BOOT UP TIMES. Since Registry Easy™ rids the Windows registry of all invalid, obsolete and corrupt entries, your PC will be able to perform its boot up functions better and faster.
  • FASTER ONLINE SURFING EXPERIENCE. Go online and surf the internet at breakneck speed; upload/download email, applications and files easily; play games without causing system failures; look at images without having ‘freeze episodes’; and much, much more!
  • CLUTTER-FREE, EFFICIENTLY RUNNING PC. Registry Easy™ detects and removes every type of ‘junk file’ that’s cluttering up your system with its Junk Files Cleaner. (Junk files can cause your computer to produce errors, show virus-like behavior, reboot frequently, and even crash!)
  • NO MORE SLOW WINDOWS STARTUP TIMES! You don’t know it, but when you start Windows, numerous applications are actually started up automatically causing slow Windows start up times. Find and remove unnecessary background and auto-started applications using Registry Easy's™ Startup Program Manager.
  • GET PROTECTION FROM HACKERS, IDENTITY THIEVES, AND CREDIT CARD THUGS! Registry Easy'sHistory Record Cleaner can be used to clear your History and MRU (most recently used) list, which is often used as a source of tracking information by hackers.
  • SAFELY AND CONFIDENTLY MAKE CHANGES ON YOUR PC. Registry Easy's™ Backup and Undo feature enables you to create backup files of your PC before any changes take place. Easily restore your PC to a previous state too.

Solve PC Errors at their Source
with Registry Easy™ Instantly!

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free registry cleaner download

The Direct Benefits of Using a Windows Registry Cleaner

The Windows registry needs to be cleaned to ensure that it does not carry any invalid, obsolete, or erroneous entries in it. However, due to the thousands of settings that it holds, it is such a complex database that it’s virtually impossible to edit it manually; that is, without causing any major harm to your system!

On the other hand, if you use an efficient registry cleaner, you can easily solve existing PC problems and errors, and prevent new ones from occurring with just a few clicks.

FIVE Major Advantages to Using Registry Cleaners

  • Registry cleaners are made with the everyday user in mind, making them very easy to use by just about anybody. This means that you can clean up your registry and fix - and prevent! - PC errors without necessarily having a clue about how your computer system works.
  • Registry cleaners are specifically designed to handle the complexities of the Windows registry; and even then it has safety precautions built into it such as backup and restore features so users are never in danger of harming their systems.
  • Reg cleaners are specifically made to go deep down into the Windows registry so that it ‘weeds out’ invalid, obsolete and corrupt entries. After the registry repair scan, a list of invalid entries is presented to you. You can then select which ones you want to remove from your system or let the registry cleaner tool do the selecting and deleting for you.
  • Because you use your PC everyday, this means that maintaining the Windows registry is an on-going task. Good registry cleaners come with a Scheduling feature. All you have to do is activate this feature and the reg cleaner will scan and maintain your Windows registry at date and time intervals you specify (e.g., every Monday).
  • Registry cleaners promote overall PC optimization so not only do you fix PC errors (and prevent them!) but you also end up fixing other problems like application-related error messages, slow PC functions, and others.

Of course, not all registry cleaners are created equal. Advanced registry repair tools offer extra features that go beyond just maintaining the Windows registry. Registry Easy™ is a recognized, award-winning, advanced registry repair tool.

Following is a quick rundown of its features, which are IN ADDITION to its registry cleaning and scheduling functions. (Note that all of them can be configured to suit your specific needs.)

    Scan and Clean
      Registry cleaner — Easily scans and repairs the Windows registry using 17 options!
      Evidence cleaner — Protects your privacy online; completely removes all traces of your Internet activities.
      Junk file cleaner — Scans and cleans up the junk files from your system to provide more free space on your hard drives and allow applications to run faster and more efficiently.
      Duplicate cleaner — Scans and cleans duplicate files with same name on your local computer.
      Registry backup — Whenever you use Registry Easy™, a backup file is automatically created as a safety measure.
      Restore point — This feature can be used to create and name your own restore points at any given time.
    IE Tools
      BHO manager — Removes potentially or de facto harmful Internet Explorer plugins.
      IE restore — Enables you to restore all the original settings of your Internet Explorer for optimum performance.
    Optimize System
      System optimizer — Optimizes your Windows system for better performance.
      Block ActiveX — This feature can be used to manage ActiveX controls installed on your PC system by blocking malicious controls. This way you are protected from past ActiveX vulnerabilities.
      Error utilities — Scans and fixes Windows system errors, protecting your Windows system from crashes, freezes and blue screen problems.
      Register ActiveX — Re-registers ActiveX and DLL objects' registry keys to solve common problems on your system such as: unable to open new IE windows, website displaying incomplete, unable to update Windows, unable to select films to watch pictures, random error with Media player, and so on.
      Tweak memory — Tweaks the memory of your PC system; recovers valuable PC memory, making your computer run faster.
    System Tools
      Startup manager — Lets you easily administer which applications are launched during system startup.
      Uninstall manager — Efficiently uninstalls programs on your system without going through the Windows Control Panel, for a more thorough uninstall of unwanted programs.

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fix slow pc
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Registry Easy™ found over 1300 problems with my computer and was able to fix them all. I'm now able to use my system without being afraid that it's going to crash in the middle of something.

Mike Todd - San Francisco, US

Your program scan is very fast and so far it has fixed many problems in my computer! In a word, excellent!

Daly Lau - NY, US

It is no exaggeration to say that my computer and internet surfing now run 10 times faster since I used your software. I can't thank you - enough for your great program!

Cretina - Wisconsin, US